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wonder maid, maid agency, maid agency in singapore

Excellent service with good quality maids



I have been hiring maids from Wonder Maid for a long time. I know that they have an experienced team of consultants and they provide very good service. Until now, I have not encountered any serious problems with my maids. Even if there are, Yan at Wonder Maid would resolve them for me. Wonder Maid is a good maid agency.

Thumbs up Wonder Maid! 

wonder maid, maid agency, maid agency in singapore

Good advice on how to select and handle maids


I was lost when I first started out looking for a domestic worker. I thought of choosing my domestic worker by looking at their physical appearance. However, after listening to the advice of Janice from Wonder Maid, I realised that choosing a maid is not that simple afterall. She recommended me a maid that suits my needs; taking care of my grandmother.

At the beginning, I had some problems with my maid maybe because of cultural differences and miscommunication. However, after listening to the advice given by Wonder Maid, things did begin to change and our relationship got better. In addition, through phone counselling for my maid, my maid was able to listen to the advice from Wonder Maid as well. In fact, my maid has been working with me for 2 years already and all is well.

Thanks Wonder Maid!

wonder maid, maid agency, maid agency in singapore

Thank you Wonder Maid

i have been working here for almost 6 years with the same employer that Wonder Maid found me when i first came to Singapore. Thanks for all the pre-work orientation and briefing which really helped me to adjust and adapt to my new working environment. My employers are very good to me and I am forever grateful for that. I sincerely thank this maid agency for helping me.

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