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Have a question? Your answers might be found here!


I'm a new customer. What should I do?

To request for a maid, please visit our Maid Request page to submit your request. Our friendly consultant will filter through our database and contact you as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, if you are near to our office, why not pay us a visit? Our friendly consultants at the maid agency will answer any queries you have. Furthermore, feel free to browse through our extensive database of biodatas at your own leisure.


We understand the difficulties some of our customers face when they employ their first domestic worker, hence, do visit our Facebook page as we will be posting relevant news as well as our exciting weekly tips on domestic worker management, food recipes and many other useful information!

To know find out more about employing a maid in Singapore, click here for an article from Ministry of Manpower.

​Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us should you have other enquiries.


Can I interview the maids whom I am interested in?

Yes. We do offer telephone and/or webcam interview for foreign domestic workers whom you are interested in at our maid agency. This is a good opportunity for you to actually conduct a near face to face interview and to feel comfortable with the foreign domestic worker.


What if the foreign domestic worker does not suit me?

It is not unusual that some of our qualified FDWs may be found unsuitable for employers; sometimes, due to compatibility, behavioural, cultural issues et cetera. In such circumstances, we provide immediate counseling services to the FDWs and advisory service to our clients to pave the way for better communication between the two parties. If the existing FDW needs to be transferred after our appraisal and assessment, our staff will then facilitate a prompt replacement for our clients.


What are the modes of payment available?

We accept cash, Nets and Cheques payment. 


What are your fees?

Different service packages are available. Please contact us for more information.

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